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Donna Karan Blouse - Vogue 2512

I've made a Donna Karan Vogue top!
I thought it was going to be quick and easy make as there were only four pattern pieces - front, back and two facings.  However, the front piece includes the sleeve and is so big that it can't be cut on the double and my fabric is very drapey so moved around a lot.
Once the cutting out was done it did go together quite smoothly and it is so loose fitting (another top that I definitely need to wear a vest with) that I didn't need to bother with buttonholes - I just sewed the buttons on straight through both front pieces!
I finished it during the really hot May bank holiday weekend and it feels lovely and floaty to wear. The buttons were inspired by some Topshop blouses I've seen people wearing.
I think I could convert this pattern to have a similar asymmetric front, especially as the pieces have to be cut on single layers of fabric anyway. The pattern is Vogue 2512 and includes a blouse, jacket and skirt. The tissue is white which real…

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