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Stripey Dress - Butterick 6525

I love wearing stripey tops but I wasn't sure whether a stripey dress might be a step too far...

Too be honest the jury is still out but it was a fun make.

I rarely sew with knit fabric, I think this might only be the third project I've attempted, and never with stripes.  This is a bit strange given what my wardrobe looks like, Mr B has stopped trying to persuade me to buy non-striped or non-navy garments!

I'm going to admit now that I didn't try to do any stripe matching because a) the stripes aren't printed straight on my fabric b) there are too many points of intersection and c) life is too short.

The dress was quite satisfying to put together but I couldn't get my head round how the side inserts went in as I was cutting so this made grading between a small top and medium bottom a bit tricky.  Obviously as soon as I actually sewed them in it became clear.  I could have done with an extra inch or two about the hips.

I'm not convinced about the finish at t…

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