Monday, 28 April 2014

Vintage Vogue 2883 - Part 1

I've started my next sewing project and have been quietly getting on with it (slowly) for the last week or so. Last summer I totally struck it lucky on Chester-le-Street market and found this...

...for £1!  And wasn't the end of it - its my size too! Hurrah!
I had vaguely heard of Jean Muir but didn't know anything about her.  According to the envelope "JEAN MUIR - a petite lady whose soft lines and fluid structuring provide the perfect answer for the woman of instinctive fashion sense.  A traditional look combining high-style and relaxed elegance."
I'm guessing the pattern dates from the mid to late 1970s but I'll have to look in to that further.
I'm trying to stick to the construction exactly as instructed which involves a couple of things I've not done before - sew in interfacing, lots of top-stitching, pockets and a hand sewn zip.
Having said above that its my size isn't quite true however.  The bust is the right size and the skirt is so full that the hips won't be a problem but the waist needed increasing by about an inch and a half.  I wasn't sure how to go about this as the waist band is one curved piece.  So I traced it,

cut into it four times, spaced it out by 3/8"

and retraced it, transferring all the markings.  I don't know if I've over complicated matters but the result is a waist band that fits me and I think the gathers in the top and skirt will be quite forgiving of my alterations.
So far I've made it to the end of step 8 on the instructions.

Cutting out took about two hours (I seem to be incredibly slow) and the hem on the first sleeve took nearly two hours as well, I did manage to speed up significantly for the second one. I'm making sure I do all the tacking recommended (I normally skip a fair bit) which is helping my keep control of the fabric.
I'm surprised by the amount of detail printed on the pattern pieces. Lovely icons, seam lines marked and numbers to help match pieces!

So, so far so good.  I tried taking photos of progress so far but its such a horrible day and the dress is quite at a stage where it looks like a dress yet.

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Winner Is....

A slightly delayed draw for the pattern due to too much birthday fun but the winner is 
Please email me at alexdotfrettsomeatyahoodotcodotuk so I can send you the pattern. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Simplicity 2406

Yesterday I finished Simplicity 2406 just in time for a date with Mr B.

I made view B with a couple of tiny alterations because I didn't quite have enough fabric.  I didn't notice that the sash wasn't included in the yardage so I missed out the pockets (which I think would have shown through the fabric anyway), faced the sleeves in plain white cotton and made the sash a little bit narrower and cut across the fabric.

I also didn't fancy the open back but I didn't want to put a zip in either so I cut the facing a bit shorter and added buttons and button loops at the neck.  It is loose enough fitting to put on without undoing the buttons anyway.

The sleeves went together really nicely but I found attaching them to the dress the most tricky part and the right one isn't quite right.

Sadly the weather isn't really warm enough for the ankle socks look on the pattern envelope (which is probably a good thing) so I went for a long sleeved t-shirt and thick tights.

The fabric cost £17.60 but the pattern I got free with Sew Magazine ages ago so even allowing for the thread, buttons and white cotton (all of which I had in) I reckon under £20 for the dress!
I found I had two copies of the pattern and I haven't used the larger size one (14-22).  So in a shameless attempt to make new friends I'm happy to give it (the size 14-22 one) away to anyone who wants it (and I'm not afraid to post overseas).  If you'd like it leave me a comment below, if I receive more than one request I'll draw a name out of a hat on, lets say, 11th April which happens to be my birthday (after that it'll just be first come first served).