Thursday, 29 May 2014

Vintage Vogue 2883 - Part Four

Ta Dah!  My Jean Muir creation is complete!

Getting it finished wasn't too tricky, the neck band was just a repeat of the waist band (although I much tighter curve) and the hem a repeat of the sleeve finish.

I'm really pleased with the result, I wish it was slightly longer but I couldn't cut it any longer on the fabric I'd bought.

Covered buttons again (I've started buying them in bulk).

There is a bit of a design flaw in that I can't do or undo the buttons without Mr B's assistance but I guess that's what husbands are for!
All in this has cost me under £20 and its made in plenty time for when I need it at the end of June (unlike this one).
I'm glad to get it finished because in the meantime I've thought of loads of garment ideas and 'accidentally' bought two lengths of fabric...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Vintage Vogue 2883 - Part 3

Today I made the button holes and handpicked the zip in my Jean Muir dress.  I hadn't at all been looking forward to these two steps as if I messed them up it would be very noticeable.  So I put them off.
Meanwhile the internet came to the rescue with a couple of great tutorials here and here.  I'm always grateful that people put so much effort in to being helpful.
I was still convinced that my attempts were going to be disastrous however a standard lapped zip would look worse and I don't think it would be possible to insert a concealed zip into this dress so I just went for it.

I'm ridiculously pleased when how small and even my stitches are for a first attempt.  I know I'll be able to do it better the next time though.
I practiced the button holes on scraps first and they went fine.

The gaping only happens because Dolly isn't as soft round the middle as me!
The waist band tab tucks in between the zip and the waistband on the other side which seems a bit weird to me but I think that's what its supposed to do (I read the instructions several times).

So against all the odds I think I might be a hand picked zip convert - at least over a standard zip.  I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it feels and the method gives you a lot more control over your fabric.  I thought the idea of beading the zip from Threads magazine would look great on an ivory top using black beads.
I feel I'm on the home straight now, all that's left to do is the neck band and the hem - both of which only involve techniques I've used elsewhere in the dress.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Vintage Vogue 2883 - Part 2

So I've been making my way through my lovely vintage pattern project and I have to say it's all going smoothly but very slowly.
The pattern called for sew in interfacing for the waist and neck bands and I debated whether to go down this route or just to use the fusible interfacing I already had in for a good while. In the end I decided that I should try and follow the instructions to the letter as long as it doesn't put me massively out of pocket. And I'm so glad I did!
I'm not sure what my fabric is (apart from synthetic) but it is so so fluid and when I laid it against the interfacing for the waist band there was no way I could get them to match - a combination of being slightly out in my cutting and shape shifting fabric! This would have been problematic with fusible interfacing but I managed to get round it by doing this...

The photo isn't great but you can just make out the difference between the purple fabric and the white interfacing and my many many tacking stitches.  I'm so glad I didn't trim the seam allowances of the interfacing before putting it together as suggested. 
Then I discovered that I needed to stay the seam allowances with seam binding which I didn't have because I hadn't read the pattern envelope properly (again).
I've never used seam binding before (I either miss it out or use bias binding) and I had no idea where to get it from so I ended up buying some rayon ribbon off of eBay and waiting. Patiently. 
I'm glad I waited. I couldn't find purple so I went with "sun rose". 

Without realising it I'd bought a perfect match for the thread I always use for tacking. I've had the reel a long time, and my mother must have had a long time before she gave it to me. I'm not sure what I'll do when it runs out but I don't think that will happen any time soon!
Anyway, all this stuff will be hidden away or removed once I'm finished but I still find it very pleasing!
And my dress is beginning to look like a dress.

All the effort with the waist band seems to have paid off!