Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vogue 1303 - Lining

My Vogue 1303 is coming along nicely. I decided to make the lining first so that I could check I'd made the correct adjustments from my toile.
It's a very much improved fit. 

So I'm ready to cut my Liberty Lawn with a bit more confidence.
Just for the record I have finished all the lining seams by pinking them. For two reasons. It totally speeds up the sewing process. And I actually quite like the look of it. 

Being realistic I think the finished dress will be beautiful (fingers crossed) but sadly not for everyday wear so I don't think it needs to be finished off so completely. 
I'll be interested to see how it wears...

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Vogue 1303 Toile

After finishing my previous project I found that I couldn't decide what to do next.  I'm always full of ideas and never have enough time or resources to get them all done.  So instead of getting on with something I avoided making decisions by reading some murder mysteries.  Then a chance comment from Mr B - "You could wear a dress when we go to the theatre" made the way forward clear.
So I've started making Vogue 1303 out of some lovely Liberty Tana Lawn (I love that stuff sooo much).


I bought two metres of Alexandra purely because it shares my name - who can resist something like that.

Hopefully this sewing pattern will let the jewel print sparkle (ha ha).
I've made three Kay Unger patterns before and had severe fit issues with the first one and made a bit of an assembly error with the second.  Both dresses are lovely though (even if I do say so myself).  The third went together more smoothly but I think this is because of the fuller skirt.
On the left V1241, centre V1271 (now out of print) and left V1353.


So I'm not leaving anything to chance as I can't find this fabric online anymore (I do keep looking because I kind of wish I'd bought other colour ways as well).
According to the size chart I'm a 10 bust, 12 waist and somewhere between a 14 and 16 hip - I'm completely over ridiculous Vogue sizing that isn't even consistent from pattern to pattern.
Checking the finished garment measurements I reckoned more like 8, 12, 16 (which at least is a nice arithmetic sequence but a bit extreme).  So I cut the lining pieces out of an old sheet, sewed it together and tried it on.
I'm not showing photos of this.  No one needs to see. But here is Dolly modelling.

With a little bit of pinning help from Mr B I found that the bust is a tiny bit big but can be fixed by taking in the very top of the side seams.  The waist is perfect.  The hip area was weirdly shaped because of my inept grading and needed taking in to about the size 14 and smoothing out.
I think the dress will go together really quickly, the toile only took about half an hour to put together.
Next job I think will be to make the lining to the new measurements - just in case more major adjustments are needed.
Oh and I need to make it about 4" longer as I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable about showing my knees!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Growing Fonder of Simplicity 2599

After finishing my vintage Jean Muir dress I wanted to sew something a little quicker.  I've had 1m of Liberty Tana Lawn 'Growing Fonder' for a little while now after falling in love with this beautiful dress from Mrs Pomerantz.

                                               Image of Manon - made to measure dress made of Liberty Art Fabric

However its very expensive and not really my style.  But beautiful nevertheless.
So I bought some of the fabric instead. 1m is easily enough to make a Simplicity 2599 from,  and without any ruffles it gives the fabric's pattern chance to shine.
I don't think I've really made anything before with a stripe in it so I spent a little while deciding on the pattern placement  but after that it went together really quickly.

I decided in the end to place the palest part of the pattern across the bust so the darts wouldn't show too much.

I wore this out to dinner last night but the weather was awful so I didn't get any photos taken - but the sun came out this morning...

 I had a change from covered buttons on this one...

Its really hard to done justice to how lovely this fabric is in a photo, I think the back view is the closest in colour - a mixture of blues and greys.  The metallic silver accents on the peacocks' tails haven't come out at all.
This is the fourth time I've made the basic top from the Simplicity pattern and I think I'm ready for some more adaptations.  There is more excess fabric in the back waist than is strictly necessary and I fancy having a go at changing the neckline maybe to a bateau style. But what fabric?!