Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Butterick 5314

A while ago I came across this dress on pinterest.

Simply Broderie Anglaise dress with subtle colour belt via Pinterest
Its not a current season dress (at least I can't find it) and being white its totally impractical (at least for me) and I never buy full price clothes from expensive brands but I really like it.
I knew I had a similar pattern somewhere.  After a very enjoyable half hour rummage through my pattern stash - I really need to get organised - I found the one I was looking for (and a number of others I'd forgotten about!).


Butterick 5314 (which I think is out of print now), view C without the V. I think I bought this about 5 years ago but only used the bodice from view A/B - I don't remember what attracted me to it in the first place.
I purchased some navy broderie anglais from ebay and other supplies from Boyes and off I went.
I wouldn't say it was "fast" but it was definitely straight forward and I slowed myself down by having to underline my fabric.
I didn't really alter the pattern at all, apart from omitting the V (again) at the neck, I'm really not convinced that this would look good on me.  I cut an 8 at the shoulders, a 10 bust, 12 waist and 14 hip and I'm pretty pleased with the fit.  It is a little strange at the hip which I think might be because the widest part of my hips seems to be a lot lower than the hip line on patterns so I think I'm grading out too fast, maybe? I think that's something that only I will notice though (hopefully). Any advice on this would be welcomed.
So here it is.

I think its a good copy.

My fabric didn't have a nice border so I just turned under a tiny hem.

And I don't have to wear a belt because I've actually matched the darts up perfectly for once.

Mr B thinks the number of navy dresses I own is a bit excessive but I think its a very flattering colour!
Hopefully it will be perfect for our up coming holiday!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vogue 1303 - Finished

Well, I got distracted by the World Cup and then work got busy and so suddenly I was in a rush to get Vogue 1303 finished!
I completed it a whole day before it was needed for my trip to the theatre with Mr B.

Fortunately it was really straight forward to sew!  I'm really pleased with the finished product, unfortunately it was a bit dark for photos when we went out so I've taken some more on dolly this afternoon.

As you can see I omitted the V in the front neckline because I wasn't sure how it would lie but I did make the zip tag (which took much longer than I expected to turn right side out).

I wish I had stay-stitched the neck and arm holes as they have gone out of shape very slightly.  I hand picked the zip rather than machine sewing as you can see in the picture of the lining, you can just about see as well that I ended up taking quite a lot of fabric in at the back waist seam.

Its not very easy to see the pleating with the patterned fabric but it does look nice and after making Vogue 1287 it seemed simple to do.

I even managed to get the back vent to work (unlike with Vogue 1271)!

I think I've cut the dress out so as to leave enough fabric to make a top (fingers crossed) which I'm pleased about because I love the print so much!