Sunday, 30 November 2014

Couture Christmas Fairy

Next weekend Mr B and I will be putting up our Christmas tree.  Last year we went without a topper for it as we I couldn't find anything that I liked.  So this year I decided to make a fairy for the top of the tree.  Or at least that was the original plan, now she'll be more of a Parisienne gown wearing model!
I bought a Barbie-esque doll from B&M and then looked for a dowloadable dress pattern and found this...

Pattern: Vintage Barbie 'In Paris' - Doll Clothing

...on Etsy. Vintage Barbie in Paris! Only £1.96 to download.
So I've decided to make View B (the pink one) a 'Dior Taffeta Ball Gown'.
The instructions aren't as perfectly clear as they could be and I don't know how my doll's proportions compare to vintage Barbie's so I have made a trial version.

It isn't finished at all, just pinned down the back, but its given me a good idea of how the fabric layers work.  I can deal with any differences in proportions by taking the dress in at the back.

I didn't transfer the pattern markings so nothing lines up at the front and my fabric was a little too thick for working on such a small scale.
I'm now ready for my tree worthy version using scraps left over from other projects.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Simplicity 2406 - Again

I have been doing a bit of sewing recently! But this time of year is too dark and gloomy in the evenings and all I want do is stay cosy in front of the fire.
I've completed my second version of Simplicity 2406 a Cynthia Rowley dress, my first was view B this time I went for view C.
I chose a black and white crepe de chine which I underlined except for in the sleeves.

Without the sash it looks very sack like, but much better with.

I reduced the back opening as with my previous version and put a button at the top to close it.
I'd like to say that it went together very easily but I didn't realise dress C had different instructions to the others until I got to the point where the sleeves needed attaching so the facing doesn't lie as nicely as it should do.  I made the sash in three sections as I didn't have quite enough fabric.
I've tidied up my sewing room and have a few projects lined up so I should be busy over the next few weeks.